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- Debra Adams, Author -

Debra Adams is a retired teacher.  She spent 10 years teaching Spanish at Chicago Public Schools out of 20+ years in the field. One thing that was different about her teaching method, was the focus on phonics. Debra’s students read better in Spanish than they did in English.  She decided that if she could simplify foreign language learning, she could create similar strategies, in English, for struggling readers.  Her reading videos were used to tutor students in pre-k, daycare and K-3 students in Summer Bridge programs.

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- Regina Gardner, Custom Designer -

Recognizing the good in others is positive feedback for the nice things people do.  Showing appreciation creates a bond that is not easily broken. RCOMPASSION'S mission is to make a positive,  lifelong impact on the hearts of those who receive our products.


Our Products/ Services:

In addition to marketing original work, we invite our customers to order customized plaques and T-shirts by adding their own words, pictures, the recipient's names, etc. They may also use their favorite background color scheme. There is nothing like expressing from the heart, words that will be remembered for years to come. Please check out more merchandise @