• Phonemic awareness and an efficient vocabulary.

  • Perform at or above grade level academic areas in word decoding and communication skills

  • Demonstrate positive cultural flexibility and behaviors


  • Provides a positive learning environment that develops literacy, enriches phonemic awareness  and vocabulary at school or at home.

A good phonics lesson begins with an explicit explanation of the sound-spelling, being taught along with guided opportunities for students to blend, or sound out, words using sound-spelling. These exercises should be followed by guided and independent reading practice in text that contains words that require sound-spelling.  The simpler the presentation of the lesson, the faster student learning will be.

Why is phonics instruction important?

Some poor readers tend to rely heavily on the use of context or picture clues. To become skilled, fluent readers, children need to have a repertoire of strategies to draw from. These strategies include using a knowledge of sound-spelling relationships — an understanding of phonics. 

In The


Let's Learn

Let's spend the Summer with  Phonics videos that will not skip a beat. 



Our word drills will enable students to increase reading speed.

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