Did you ever watch Sesame Street when you were a kid?  The letters floated across the TV screen and a voice said  "ay  . . .  ay  . . .ay  . . "   Many children learned to read just from watching the animation.  Our animated, musical power point presentation videos have the same effect. However, we offer more.

The video lessons are placed in logical order, which might not be the order a reading teacher might employ.  However, you may use the videos in whatever order you wish.  Simply click on the ones that suit your child's learning needs.

Students will learn letter sounds simply by watching the phonics drill videos repeatedly, on a daily basis.  They are able to learn from the videos without a teacher.  It is, however, advisable that a teacher, parent or tutor, watch the videos with the student, initially, and recite the letter sounds, that they hear. This will set a pattern of learning for the student.  You will be surprised at how long the student will stay focused and on task. One hour per day is sufficient.  In four to six weeks your reader will be doing just that, reading!

 Find downloadable worksheets on file share page.   Interactive exercises coming soon!

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