Our Mission

New Heights Learning has been created with students, in mind, that have been shut-in and trying to learn online, often unsuccessfully.  New Heights is mindful of frustrated educators who were thrust into a teaching medium for which many were unprepared. As schools are slowly reopening the challenge of recapturing learning lost is daunting.  The New Heights’ mission is to help bridge the learning gap that has widened over the year.

We adhere to the philosophy that learning should be a fun experience that will engage students and keep them on task until the lesson is completed.  At New Heights, we employ multi-media, combining music with instruction.  Our Busy Books for Reading present brightly colored pages of phonics drills, blending games and amusing, easy to read stories with questions that provoke critical thinking.

We will add Busy Books for Math, Science and Spanish in the near future.  Busy Books come in hard copy.  Students need a break from working long hours on a tablet.  What can be more pleasant than to curl up on the couch with a book that makes it fun to learn how to read, and read well?  New Heights musical phonics videos are available, at no cost, to those who purchase our Busy Books.