Homeschooling, Is It Easy or Difficult?

With the sharp increase of COVID19 cases challenging parents who are facing the beginning of a new school year, Mom, Dad Grandma and Auntie have some very tough decisions to make. Some school districts have opted to hold hybrid classes. One or two days per week students will learn in class while the rest of the week they will be required to learn remotely or online. Other districts shudder at the thought of outbreaks in their schools with young people spreading the virus and teachers ending up in the hospital. It could also work the other way. The prospects being as frightening as they are, some districts opted to just keep the students at home and let the teachers teach in a virtual classroom. There are pros and cons to the 'learn at home' decision:

  • If the child fails to understand the lesson, can the parent be a tutor?

  • What can take the place of school socialization?

  • Who will hold the student accountable if he/she doesn't keep up with required assignments?

  • How does a parent or babysitter keep the student from being bored?

Take heart, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Auntie. If the students were allowed to attend class in the actual classroom, the teacher would have to devise methods of instruction to prevent boredom anyway. I have a couple of ideas that I found to be very useful during my classroom teaching years.

  • Take full advantage of the multimedia resources available in this high tech age. There is an online resource for documentaries from all over the world. Choose the subject and there will be fascinating videos that will entertain and enlighten you and your child.

That's the place to turn to for a living encyclopedia of life, literature,

history, sociology, science, math, etc.

  • Of course we all know about, right? You may even find a video on how to homeschool. There may be lots of videos like that out there by now.

I looked online for homeschooling tips and found a very useful website:

The many aspects of homeschooling, from various perspectives, are presented in a way that makes it easy for you to review and decide what method of tutoring you are best able to do.

Here is a snipet of the material offered at this website:

It is my hope that showing you the benefits will encourage you to press forward to a strong school year, starting at home. You know that we at New Heights are here for you. When you need to add a little spice to the lessons, reach out to us and tell us what kind of video you would like to add to your primary grade student's learning day. We will do our best to accommodate you at no additional charge. You are our valued customer!


Debra Adams, BA, MEd

CEO, New Heights Learning Online

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