The Blessings of Repetition

When you were a teenager, remember when you tried to learn the latest dances? I sure remember. I stumbled all over myself until I had practiced enough to get it right. I did the steps over and over. Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect! So it is with learning to read. young children must repeat the letter-sounds over and over, until they are immediately recognized and and easily pronounced. After all, once you've got it, you've got it! Practice helps us to embrace the skill. Excellent readers have practiced blending the sounds and decoding words to achieve reading fluency. My oldest son, Tony, as a toddler, used to watch Sesame Street and Electric Company every day. He recited the sounds of the letters with the characters on the programs, or the cartoons. By the time he was four years of age, he could read the Bible, with very few errors. My daughter, Angie learned to read at home, before entering Kindergarten. Her teacher would sit her in the big teacher's chair and let her read classic stories to her classmates. The school she attended ordered a transfer to a magnet school. They said she was too advanced for them. I was so proud! All three of my children have an excellent command of the English language, in reading and creative writing, which they use in their respective professions. We, at New Heights want the same for your young children. The earlier they achieve academic milestones like reading or basic math, they will accelerate in other subjects as well, when they enter the classroom. So, if you subscribed for full access to the videos and downloads, you couldn't have made a better decision for your child. Students do not become bored when they practice something that they enjoy.

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